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Interesting Perception of Current Business Conditions


It's interesting amid all the media doom and gloom that Australia's economy has actually done quite well - and for some time.

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Alert: Ransomware Attacks on the Increase


Ransonmware attacks - where your computer is hacked, data encrypted and you are held to a ransom (in most cases of $1,000's of dollars) - are on the definite rise.

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5 Strategies To Improve Your Website Rankings | Part 1


You probably have a nice looking website and that's great - it's an important part of providing a compelling and memorable presence online. A website that looks like it was a first generation site from the 1990's will only make people wonder if you're still in business or are you a strong, growing business that they would be confident dealing with.

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4 Key Steps to Making the Most of Your Website


There are arguably 4 key things to ensure your have in place to make the most of an online presence.

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Tips on Cloud Security


With the increasing takeup of cloud based services and solutions (and more being launched everyday) we discuss what cloud is and more importantly highlight steps you need to consider to ensure you are using these services as securely as possible: Cloud Security Tips

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The Dangers of Outsourcing


The media has increasingly been focusing of late on stories of web entrepreneurs with startups offering cheap labour or as it's better known as 'outsourcing'.

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Brand New Website Launched for WIN Sports & Entertainment Centres


Love the brand new WIN Sports & Entertainment Centres (WSEC) website that was launched this morning. Great job by our team getting it done and a polished product live for our friends at the WSEC!

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Glossary of Main Web Design Terminology


It's easy to get lost in all the technical jargon that makes up the World Wide Web. We thought we'd share the first part in a easy, layman's description of web terminology to help you understand what's what.

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Help for Inncom IT Customers


For former customers of the now defunct Inncom Pty Ltd who urgently require assistance or who now need to evaluate their IT support, please feel free to contact us.

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Matt Wilson, Director at Aftershock to assist Small Businesses with NBN & Internet Help


We were pleased to have seen the Kiama Community College recently ask our boss, Matt Wilson to present several specific courses in Kiama as part of the Australian Government's NBN Digital Innovation program.

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Aftershock 'Highly Commended' in the IBC Awards for IT


We were thrilled to learn that we were recognised in the IBC Awards as being Highly Commended in the IT sector.

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End of Year Office Closing Times and Emergency Info


The end of another year...

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Aftershock Wins Website Tender


We were thrilled to receive confirmation that we have won the tender to redevelop the website presence for the WIN Entertainment Centre and Stadium.

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Aftershock WINS 2011 Origin Energy IBC Small Business of the Year


Here at Aftershock we are thrilled to announce that we have won the Origin Energy IBC Award for Best Small Business of 2011!

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Payment Plans to Help Ease Cashflow


We understand that things are challenging. To assist businesses with managing fixed IT costs, Aftershock now provides a variety of payment plan options to clients to help ease cashflow.

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9 Tips for Secure Passwords


Everything nowadays seems to require a password and coming up with unique, secure passwords can be difficult.  Below are some ideas to help you create passwords that are more difficult for someone to guess and reduce security risks to you and your business:

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New Aftershock Team Member


Hi my name is Ziggy.

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What Our Clients Are Saying: Edmen


As a business that employs over 1,000 people Australia wide and who operate 24x7, it's imperative for us to partner with experienced, successful and more importantly, reliable support services company. This is a must and when we decided to review our IT environment we knew that we needed a dynamic forward thinking and responsive IT provider.

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Do You Need an Email Newsletter?


Newsletters are a great and very low cost way to keep in contact with your customers and provide more information on your special promotions and business offerings.

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6 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer


Getting a website is relatively easy, you could even almost do it yourself. Getting REAL results from your website can be incredibly hard.

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New Website Launches


Great couple of weeks in the Web Department and several new launches.

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We're Hiring: Web Designer / Developer - Client Side - with Extras


Aftershock is looking for a brilliant and passionate designer and developer with a few extra all round skills and experience to join our fast growing team in a more senior position.

We're a creative web design and it support company based in the Illawarra, we've got a fantastic client base which showcases a local, national and even international portfolio.

Our point of difference is based upon building awesome websites that really promote and help our clients' to achieve their online goals.

Your role will focus on 4 key areas:

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Great Feedback from A New IT Customer


"You should be very proud of your business and the team you have within your business...".

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Create and Send Awesome Email Campaigns that Work!


Get your message out there!

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Why an old website might be losing you business...


When was the last time you refreshed and updated your website?  If it was more than twelve months ago your competition may well have the advantage over you and be driving more traffic to their site.  Your site may not be ranking as highly as it should and your content could be out of date.

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Why turning your server off could be a disaster


It can be such a temptation, at the first sign of trouble or instability, to turn reboot your sever. Hey, it certainly works for desktop PCs, and let's face it, we've all heard the technician on the other end of the line who used the tried and true statement "Have you tried restarting it?".

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New Entry Level Web Offering with netlaunch


Local Web and IT Company, Aftershock is responding to economic pressures impacting on micro and small businesses by launching a new online web marketing offering.

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Thanks for Visiting Us At The Expo!


Thanks very much for stopping by our stand at the Illawarra Business Expo on Friday.

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How to Save Money & Improve Efficiency with your IT


Imagine you knew in advance for the next year what your IT costs would be, to the cent.  Would you find that of interest?

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Great web sites need a mix of online strategies: Do you know about back-linking?


So you have just invested in a great new web site and now you need people to find you online?  Sure you have your network but how can you get noticed even further afield?

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My Website Should Do Everything - Right?


While we may not be able to get your website to wash your dishes, we do know a thing or two about getting your website to work effectively for your business.

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I am Mac... We are PC


The debate has been around almost as long as time itself.. . Mac or PC?

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7 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Web Site


While it's great to have a 'shockingly awesome web site' floating around in cyberspace, without the right mix of online marketing strategies in place to boost your online visibility, your potential customers will simply not be able to find you.

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What's the Value in Social Media Marketing?


Most business owners fall under one of 2 categories when it comes to embracing Social Media Marketing. The first are those who have embraced it, but are yet to open up its full potential, and the second are those who cannot see the value, and perceive it as a waste of time.

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Feeling Naked on the Web?


Then maybe it's time to update your website ......

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Domain Scams To Watch Out For...


We've had several calls or emails the past few weeks in relation to queries about domain name letters or emails received by clients from various places.

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10 Reasons Why Google Analytics Is A Waste Of Time


Google Analytics has to be one of the most hyped and overrated additions to any website.

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Aftershock Is Now 100% Carbon Neutral!


Australia is one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions per person in the world. While the governments and other organisations argue over various initiatives and programs, the problem continues to grow at an alarming rate.

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New Position Available: Network Engineer / Support Technician


Network Engineer / Support Technician

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6 Questions You Must Ask A Web Developer


If you're looking for a web design company to develop your next web site you'll have no shortage of options. So how to choose? Should you get a few quotes and go with the cheapest? If you were buying a car would you simply look around for the cheapest and lowest in quality? Absolutely not, you'd look around, investigate, ask questions and would come to know what you wanted and needed.

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We're Open & Off to a Flying 2010 Start


As of 8:30am this morning our offices are fully opened and staffed ready for the new year.

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Careers at Aftershock: Now looking for a Web Designer


We are currently on the lookout for a talented web designer to join our busy web design department.

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Office Closure Over Holiday Season


Our offices will be closed from Thursday 24th Dec at 5:00PM and will reopen on Monday 11th January 2010 at 8:30AM. During this time we will be supporting emergency calls for assistance only. Please call +61 2 4256-1000 for futher details. Have a great break.

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