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4 Key Steps to Making the Most of Your Website

There are arguably 4 key things to ensure your have in place to make the most of an online presence.

Appealing Design

It is an oft-repeated statistic that you only have 5 seconds to engage a new visitor to your website. While the actual time may be debatable, one thing isn't - you do only have precious few moments to impress and engage visitors to your website - and get them clicking through to some form of conversion - be that an enquiry, sale or booking.

There are a multitude of 'free' web systems out there or very cheap developers, however as another saying goes: 'You pay peanuts you get monkeys' These free or cheap offerings are actually costing you in lost conversions or bounces to most likely a competitors more professional website.

It's not enough to simply be online nowadays - people expect more.

While an appealing design does cost money, there may be a couple of interim or simple things you can do to ramp up your site's look.

How about the photos? Could you engage a professional photographer to take proper, well exposed, well composed pics for you? Even just pictures can make a huge difference to the look of your site.

Compelling Content

The design may be great, but unless you have good content, how will you inspire visitors - and potential customers - to contact you?

Google's search focus now is on good content. Of course it's still appropriate to focus on a few keywords, but what you write needs to be engaging, compelling and interesting.

Properly Built

Coding errors, page not found errors and other glitches can make your site frustrating to browse, and could make you look unprofessional. Enlist the use of Google's free webmaster tools to ensure your site is correctly indexed by Google and that there are no glaring errors.

Effective, Easy Calls to Action

How will visitors become conversions unless you ask?

It's critically important to ensure a powerful and compelling call to action follows key pages and sections on your website. Be specific about what you're requesting.

And make it easy for people to contact you, with contact details clear and easy to find.

Inspire confidence that if someone fills out a form it will be answered within 24 hours (and preferably quicker) not in the year 2030...

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